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“Carbon fiber reinforced polymers” or “carbon fiber reinforced plastics” (CFRP) or often simply called carbon fiber or carbon composite has exceptionally high stiffness (rigidity) and strength-to-weight ratio. That means it is extremely strong and light which makes it the ideal material for applications in aerospace, automotive, sports or medical equipment.

In brief: DNK has many years of experience regarding the manufacturing of carbon fiber products and is excellently equipped also for large-scale production. Furthermore, DNK has the capability to produce the required molds as well as CFRP prepregs as the base materials for carbon fiber products in-house. This allows us to operate with a maximum of flexibility, guarantee high cost-effectiveness and keep the product quality under control throughout the whole cycle.

We are manufacturer with over 10 years of experience. Our company can guarantee the quality you get.

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The company owns the AS9100 certificate which fully incorporates the standards of ISO 9000 and adds further requirements regarding safety and quality for the aerospace industry

The density/weight of carbon fiber is half of the density/weight of aluminum and 5 times less than the density/weight of steel. Considering changes in design depending on the used materials the weight can usually be reduced by 40-50% by using carbon fiber.

First article inspection (FAI) is inspecting the sample for compliance with the engineering requirements and design.