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Shanghai DNK New Materials Technology co. LTD (DNK) is a professional carbon fiber products manufacturer since 2009, since 2012 based in Shanghai, China. DNK delivers lightweight solutions to the aircraft, sports and healthcare industry high quality carbon products and react fast and flexible on customers’ requirements due to in-house tooling and testing equipment. DNK can present you high quality and cost effective carbon fibre solutions based on your requirements.

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For DNK, excellent quality is the main factor to create long-term customer relationships. Therefore, the company is process oriented and overall strictly follows the ISO 9001 throughout the entire value chain, thus producing reliable products for its customers in a repeatable manner.
Quality means for us to perform excellent by fulfilling on customer’s expectations. DNK handles various industrial and product related requirements but knows as well that every customer is unique. Therefore, our quality assurance begins by communicating with the customer to understand the customer’s needs and requirements.
Since February 2017, DNK owns as well the ISO AS 9100 that stands for their commitment to excellence in the aviation industry.  International recognized certification bodies, such as Bureau Veritas and SGS, approve our quality system and help to improve continuously the way we are working.